Nested Repeating Group

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zroy21 posted this 28 May 2020

I am looking to capture a few values from the attached invoice. I will need to capture the JointWorkOrder along with the lines underneath each heading. I'm fairly confident that I need to do this with a nested repeating group but I am having a problem doing so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ekaterina posted this 29 May 2020


Please send the original image and confirm that you want to capture redmarked strings

zroy21 posted this 29 May 2020


Thank you for the response. I have attached the original image to my original post (Page2.tif). I need to capture the bluemarked Order Number and all subsequent red marked items under each Order Number, including the Job Total Amounts, Job Apportionment, and Job Amount Due. So, it would looks something like:

  • Joint Facility or Work Order # (Blue)
    •    Job #
    • Job Total Amount
    • Job Apportionment
    • Job Amount Due

Thanks again!

Ekaterina posted this 5 weeks ago


There is only 2d35e700-0815-4537-90aa-abc9014fc17b_repeatingnested.jpg file in the top post.

Perhaps it will be faster to contact with your regional support?