Null value in line items

  • Last Post 15 April 2018
samsay posted this 28 March 2018

Hi, I need a solution when a particular column or columns has a null value in 4-5 rows, so another field will export value as 'false'. Say, column Qty has values 1,5, null,2,7... So if it has a null value , another field Issue should export as ' Yes'.

Ekaterina posted this 15 April 2018


Please try to use script which 1) counts null values in the corresponding columns; 2) sets the field value to true or false based on null value cells counted. The script like this can be used in rules, event handlers or project or stage tools, whichever you find more convenient in your situation.

Please try to use the following constructions :

Document.Field("FullTableName").Items[<row number>].Field("FieldName").Value == null


Document.Field("FullTableName").Cell(“<Column Name>”, <row number&gt.Value == null


Please note that IField method Cell( columnName : string, rowNum : int ) : IField is not allowed in Rule scripts, in case if you choose to use it. The same is true for IField Children property if it is addressed to table cells.