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Lucky posted this 29 March 2019


I have a set of symbols with text which are identified differently.Sometimes square box with a text is identified as checkmark and sometimes only as picture.Text inside the square is not recognized.


How can I grab each square with text as a repeating group.

Please please please suggest!!


Thanks in advance!



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Lucky posted this 02 April 2019


how to identify the text in the circles (please refer to the attached pdf).Also when text is clear the ocr is not done in flexilayout.

how to improve this part.Please suggest.

Thanks in advance!


Lucky posted this 18 April 2019


Is there a way to train the symbols in abbyy flexilayout studio?For example I have text inside a circle and I would like to create a layout to identify all the circles and make a region around each circle.

Or in other words is it possible to train symbols in abbyy flexilayout studio or abbyy flexicapture.

Please suggest!






Ekaterina posted this 24 June 2019


If I correctly understand your scenario you want to extract and separate from each other geometric forms (rounds and squares) from the image. This feature is not supported by the flexicapture program.

Of course, you may extract the text value directly.

Lucky posted this 31 October 2019


How can we extract the text value?The recognition of the text is very very bad and how we can improve this?