PO number field not getting captured even after adding keywords

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nitin singh posted this 3 weeks ago

I added the possible keywords for PO number, but even after that fields like PO number are not getting picked up by ABBYY. I even retrained the invoice, but didn't help.

Is there a way to fix the same.

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pavanh003 posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Nitin SIngh,

Why dont you try to have multiple reference elements when you are extracting the information or may be you can use a first found group and add multiple elements and best result will be picked

Let us know if this helps.



Pavan H

nitin singh posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Pavan,

Thanks for the reply. Please let me know if while talking about 'multiple reference elements'  you are talking about flexilayout studio. If not, can u please let me know where can i find this option in ABBYY Flexicapture. Being new to ABBYY, i am not aware of full features of ABBYY.