Problem with Testing MultipageTable in the Document Definition

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Tamasa posted this 07 May 2019



Firstly, I have to say that im newbie for this product.


My Problem is that after creating the FlexiLayout Template. FlexiCapture recognizes all my Table but it's not able to 

put all the table values to TableSection(right on screen)


i dont know why all area in table below is yellow. What should i set to attach rest of my table to values on right Table?

 Thanks a lot!



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Ekaterina posted this 15 August 2019


As I can see from your screenshot  the table was correctly captured on the first page of the multi-page document. Please check your FLS project. Does it capture multi-page tables?

The619 posted this 16 August 2019

 As in an old post mentioned, it helps to remove the Footer from the FLS Project to recognize multiplie pages or/and multiplie tables. Give it a try Tamasa.