Problems with Repeating Groups and tables

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Karen Reyes posted this 21 September 2017

Hello, i'm working in a layout for a form that has 9 sections, section 3 has 5 kind of tables. 

There could be repeating groups from section 3 to section 8. 

Everything is ok with static elements but when i start to configure the tables, i have some problems, sometimes it doesn't recognize nothing at all, sometimes  doesn't recognize some instances, sometimes there are delays, and sometimes FlexiLayout freeze and close.

I've tried to apply what it says in but it doesn't work, i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

I attached an image

Thank you 

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mfeldman posted this 22 September 2017

A few comments/questions to get the thread started:

1.  This sounds like me, when I started scanning U.S. tax forms.
2.  What version, exactly, of FLS are you using?
3.  By "section" do you mean the roman numerals on the left?
4.  Section "III" seems to contain a single row?
5.  FLS Tables really, really want to be rectangles.  You seem to have very few rectangular tables.  Rather, to me, they seem to be horizontal repeating groups.
6.  What kind of export are you planning?  XML?  Direct to a database?  



Karen Reyes posted this 22 September 2017

Hi, thanks, here the answers:

2. Im using FLS V11

3. Yes i mean the roman numerals as sections

4. You are right, sorry, section III has one row, tables are in IV section

5. Sorry i don't get this point, why horizontal repeating groups?... The instance of repetition is from section III to VIII 

6. By now we are exporting to xls, but in the future we will probably export to XML



mfeldman posted this 22 September 2017

1.  Let me continue by saying I'm a Software Engineer, so I see the world as processes and transformations, not exactly the paradigm used by FLS.  So I cope.   :-)
2.  After successfully scanning many of the US Tax forms, not exactly machine-friendly designs, I have concluded that KISS ( is very important in designing layouts.
3.  Because you said that you will be exporting to XML, I conclude that there will be some software between ABBYY and the eventual destination of the data.  I have a Java post-processing program in my application design.  This, in my opinion, allows the FLS to be simpler than if you were exporting directly to a spreadsheet designed for human consumption.
4.  I think we all know that every data processing problem has many different solutions.  The following ideas are just my first approach, based on the example and your comments so far.
5.  Each of the sections is different.  Trying to capture them as part of a single table appears too complicated to me.
6.  Use lots of Groups to segregate each part of the form.
7.  IMO, the tables are not really tables; there are no enough rows in each 'block' to justify using the Table element.  A repeating group element, with a vertical separator and a character string element, driving across the page, would work better.
8.  The form has lots of lines (separators).  Use them to define the regions for elements.
9.  I do not know your timeframe.  If you have a few days, I'd be happy to 'sketch' out my ideas in a simple FLS project for you.  I do not speak Spanish, so the names I  use might sound totally silly to you.  Do you have an email address?



Karen Reyes posted this 22 September 2017

Hi, thank you, i'll send you my email and some images.

Ekaterina posted this 25 September 2017


In the frame of this resource we may give you some basic general recommendation or answer questions that do not require much time for research. If you need an advanced assistance or creating/customization of complex projects, you should contact your regional ABBYY support. 

Creating complex flexilayouts from scratch or debugging them should be addressed to the Professional Services team.

mfeldman posted this 27 September 2017

Hello Karen,

Are you monitoring the email box you sent me a few days ago?

Where should I be replying to?



Karen Reyes posted this 02 October 2017

Hello, sorry, i was in a travel so i couldn't review the post and i couldn't not answer properly. Thank you both for the advice.

 M. you can reply in my email, thank you.