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lleach posted this 09 October 2018

In the Expression field of the Properties of Blocks screen, I need a date to be entered with "today's date." Meaning, when this OCR is run, it renders the date it was run (which is "today's" date). What expression needs to be input into this field to make that happen?



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Ekaterina posted this 10 October 2018

If you need to fill the field with the date of document processing by FlexiCapture, you may not recognize the block that comes from flexi layout at all, and fill the field by a Rule on the Document Definition level using any .Net object that gives you current date

You may also create a service field on the level of Document Definition, that will have as Data Source one of the following options:
- Document creation time
- Document last edit time
- Document recognition time
- Document export time


lleach posted this 16 October 2018

So what I am working with is an insurance policy. There is a date, we call it the "Document Date," which is the date the document is issued. Many policies have this, but some do not. For those that do not have this date printed on the policy itself, we want the OCR to recognize that and instead, just input the date the document was worked or first reviewed by OCR.

I am very new to this software so the more help someone can give me, the better! 

Ekaterina posted this 17 October 2018


Let's suppose that you have two fields, one that comes from the Flexi Layout ("DocumentDate") and another is the Service field filled by the recognition time ("service_RecognitionTime"). Then you may create the script Rule that will check if the "DocumentDate" is filled and then, if it isn't, fill it with the "service_RecognitionTime" value.The Rule settings should include both "service_RecognitionTime" and "DocumentDate" fields and the "DocumentDate" should be made not "read-only".


if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(Context.Field("DocumentDate").Text))


Context.Field("DocumentDate").Text = Context.Field("service_RecognitionTime").Text;