Recognition Failed

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ABBYY_User2103 posted this 26 April 2019

For normal input sample template was created in flexi layout studio and it was exported and added that afl in administration. 

Inside the document definition when I give test run, recognized fields are displaying. Once I saved the DD and publish it and upload the image. Getting an popup as recogination Failed and none of the documents are processed.

How can I sort out this issue.

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pavanh003 posted this 30 April 2019


Check with your hotfolder path and its accessibility.



Pavan H

ABBYY_User2103 posted this 07 May 2019

I've checked with the hot folder path it was accessible only. I tried by loading the images by manual way also still the same error was popping out. 

KEMP posted this 25 June 2019

we are also having this issue. Is there any solution for this?

The619 posted this 01 July 2019

"Getting an popup as recogination Failed and none of the documents are processed." 

Any further information? Any error text? Did you take a look in the abbyy task manager? 


ABBYY_User2103 posted this 02 July 2019

Thanks for your reply.

In abbyy task manager it was just showing as 0% and in the project setup station showing as unknown document

Ekaterina posted this 5 weeks ago


Could you please clarify your scenario: when you try to use the “Match Document Definition” option to the unprocessed document what result do you receive? Do you see the Document Definition into the pop up window?

Could you please send us the screenshot of the issue?