Recognition speed

  • Last Post 03 October 2018
Stephen posted this 20 September 2018



I found that the recognition speed of each my template varies a lot.


Sometimes, when I made little changes and save the DocDef, it takes more than 10 mins to do so.


I have disable all unused DocDef already.


Any ways I can further reduce the time while saving and recognize the DocDef?





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Ekaterina posted this 02 October 2018


There are many factors that may affect the recognition speed: work of scripts, number of available layouts, number of fields, different recognition modes set for layout/document definition etc. 

The information about time spent during recognition can be found in the recognition log (available either in the Processing Server Monitor, or in the Project Setup Station/Verification Station, if the recognition was local)

To understand why your speed could be decreased we need those logs and also more information about your project, scenario and changes that you made.

Stephen posted this 02 October 2018



If i am using Project Setup Station, where can I get the log?



Ekaterina posted this 03 October 2018


When you have started the recognition you see the pop-up window. To see the log push "Hide details button".