RegEx date range capture and conversion

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Jarl Arntzen posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi, all.

We're trying to capture date ranges based on line item descriptions only by using regular expressions.

For example, we would like to capture descriptions such as: "House rent, 4th quarter" and then convert that to a useful date range such as "2018-10-01 -- 2018-12-31" which will then be used in logic regarding date periods.

I have been trying to research the available options here but I can not find anything related to capturing a date range, only to single dates.

What would be the best option for capturing these types of date ranges?

Should I try to capture the same date string object twice using RegEx and then convert the first capture to 2018-10-01 and the second capture to 2018-12-31?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice.

AlexeyEfremov posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello Jarl,

Unfortunately this problem is pure coding and not FlexiCapture-related therefore it is out of the scope of this forum. I could recommend you to post your questions to programming forums like

I personally do not see any other solution other than creating a lot of regex-es and trying to apply them one-by-one.

Yours sincerely,