Remove pages which are not Invoices such as letters, attachments during recognition

  • Last Post 19 March 2018
samsay posted this 08 March 2018

Hi, can anyone tell me how to separate / remove pages which are not invoices such as letters or anything beside invoices ,during recognition in stand-alone version and web verification?

Appreciate your solution,

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Ekaterina posted this 15 March 2018


1) Could you please clarify the details of your scenario? Are you using Standalone version or a version with Web-stations (Distributed)?

2) Is it an option for you to make separate sections that will match non-invoice type of documents? In this case they will be matched before the Invoice document definition and will prevent adding of these pages into the Invoice documents.

samsay posted this 15 March 2018

I am using standalone version but also will like it to be applicable for web station as well, as user willing to use it on web station itself.

How to make section that will match non invoice documents? can you give step by step process to create that, please.will be thankful to you.

Ekaterina posted this 19 March 2018


Making a FlexiLayout that will match your non-invoice documents should depend on your documents. 

You may use in FlexiLayout header some elements that can be encountered only on non-invoice documents and make them required, or if you have specific Invoice format, you may make some elements specific for Invoices prohibited in the non-invoice Header.

More detailed instructions will require studying documents and will be out of scope of forum support.