Repeating group cuts the last digit

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Bob Potter posted this 26 October 2017


first sorry on my english. I have repeating group DELIVERY_NO on my invoice. Delivery number contains 8 or 9 digits. My problem is that definition shows correct data, but export to SQL inserts only 8 digits.

I have tried making new project, but without success.
Thank you

PS I dont know how to upload picture here

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ilya evdokimov posted this 26 October 2017

I have had a similar situation before.  Check your SQL field settings by going into Design of your table, and make sure it is set to a sufficient length, such as nvarchar(10).  Now it is probably set to something else.


Ilya Evdokimov WiseTREND

Bob Potter posted this 26 October 2017

SQL field is ok. Example of problem:

Delivery numbers: 1   2   3   10 12

Export stops on number 10 and  message is: Primary key delivery_no 1 already exist.

I have tried to make new project, new definition and still the same problem

Ekaterina posted this 27 October 2017


The issue you are reporting can be related to the DB provider used for connection. As the case may require further thorough investigation, please address to your regional support with the sample project and documents demonstrating the issue and details of your DB connection.