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erichter posted this 30 May 2017

Hey there,

have created an table in Flexicapture. Imported the flexilayout to the admin station, the table is well done, each cell recognized. But I don't need the value of each row. So how I can 'allow' the cells I wanted? Tryed it in the documet definition with rule script in column- but no effect... any idear?


Thanks a lot


Enrico from Berlin

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Ekaterina posted this 31 May 2017


You may disable the “Show on verification” checkmark (look at the screenshot) or use the “IsHidden” attribute


Program settings > Document Definitions > Field properties > Service fields > General field properties

erichter posted this 31 May 2017

Hi Ekaterina,


didn't found the 'hidden'-attribute, instead tryed it with 'IsVisible'. But guess I'm using the wrong syntax, tryed this in field rules:


By testing it, error message talks that acces to fields they are not defined in the rule properties is not possible. Can you please give me a tip how to call the right cell (table "PersNr" : column 1 row 3     for instance)?


Thank you


Ekaterina posted this 02 June 2017


Sorry, my answer was not correct. It is impossible to hide the column from the script. You may select column to hide by delete the content values and cheking the "Select columns to hide when empty:" checkmark in the table properties.

12 Nar posted this 08 November 2019

where is the option?

'columns to hide when empty'

hawkeye69 posted this 13 November 2019

This is on the form. If you right click on that table on the UI form and select Properties.