Scanning Station not retaining Batch Types settings

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S Harrison posted this 10 July 2018


Our company has just migrated to FlexiCapture 12 ( and are experiencing an issue whereby Scanning Station is not retaining the Batch Type settings that determine the scanning parameters of a specific document.

Originally, we looked at using a BatchTypes.xml file that was stored remotely, as this would allow us to distribute any changes to the scanning settings to all Scanning Operators; and consequently, I saved a version of the BatchTypes.xml file to the server.

However, we experienced an issue with this as we use multiple scanners within our business, and Scanning Station was unable to automatically determine which scanner was being used, and therefore unable to apply the correct settings.

Although I have not fully discounted using a remotely stored BatchTypes.xml file, it clearly requires further investigation on my part to overcome some issues particular to our business, so in the meantime I wanted to revert to a locally stored BatchTypes.xml file.

Now, every time a Scanning Operator opens Scanning Station at the start of a session, the Batch Types settings they loaded during the previous session do not load, and instead, what appears to be the settings from either the BatchTypes.xml file I saved to the server, or another BatchTypes.xml file located elsewhere on their user profile load up instead.

Finally, when the Scanning Operator opens the Batch Types screen within Scanning Station (Menu: Tools > Batch Types), and selects "Import", Scanning Station defaults to the BatchTypes.xml file saved remotely on the server, rather than the locally stored file loaded during the previous session.

How can I:

1) Find and remove the BatchTypes.xml file saved remotely on the server?

2) Ensure that the Scanning Operators settings are retained from session to session?



Sam Pritchard



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Ekaterina posted this 23 July 2018


Please make sure that your scanning station has the same build as your PSS. If it is true, please send your project, samples and description of the issue to the regional support.

sara posted this 3 weeks ago

I am facing the same issue. Batch type settings are not retained when we add images by scanner or from folder. What could have been wrong?