Scripting for Rows within repeating tables

  • Last Post 15 April 2019
stevewgunnersen posted this 28 February 2019

 I am trying to do a calculation within a repeating table to get a running total of a field within each row and then to do the same thing for each repeating table. 

I have tried the suggestions I have already been able to find on the internet but keep getting errors about unassigned values which make no sense. 

Am I correct that if I want to know how many tables there in my document i would enter something like

int tabcount = Context.Field("Table1").Items.Count;

where Table1 is the name given to each repeating table.

How would I then refer to each of the rows within each table?



Steve Watson

Ekaterina posted this 15 April 2019


To give you the required advice we need to investigate your issue deeper than forum's format allows. Please send your project and sample images to your regional support and clarify why you are use table elements instead of repeating group elements in your scenario.