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Getafix posted this 22 May 2019

I am searching a number of key words (settlement, table, turnover etc). They are not all always present, but when they are I search to the right of them for a currency field that relates to it.

First I would get arbitrary values captured even when the keyword is not there(despite having set "do not find" conditions based on the keyword). I overcame this by custom advanced script to ensure the do not find.

Now I am not getting no values found even when I see the keyword is there and the value is there.

I have tried using advance relations to specify right of / below/above, but to no avail.

I am trying to use the rect of the keyword found but can't get that o work either! It just returns the rect of the entire document! Using V11.


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Ekaterina posted this 5 days ago


This issue needs deeper investigation than forum format allows. Please address the issue to the regional support, send them the project, samples and scenario descriptions.