Send weekly report of verified documents via email

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Khushboo Bansal posted this 3 weeks ago


In of our projects, there's a customer care team that is responsible for verifying documents at the ABBYY Verification Station. The client wants an automatic weekly report sent via email containing atleast the following basic info:

1. Batch name (Note: In this project, each batch would contain 1 document)

2. Time and date of verification

3. User who verified the batch

Is it possible to do this in ABBYY Flexicapture for Invoices?



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Rahul Kapoor posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Khushboo,

Yes this is possible by following steps:

1. You need to export the above 3 values as an export field. Batch name would be service field and the user and time of verification as script field. Let me know if you need any help in that.

2. Export this data in a separate excel or database.

3. Write code utility or use RPA to send the exported data as email.

-Rahul Kapoor

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Khushboo Bansal posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for your response. It would be great if you could tell how I can export these fields.


Khushboo Bansal posted this 3 days ago

I looked at the database tables in ABBYY instance and we can do some join operations on certain tables to get this data!


Rahul Kapoor posted this 2 days ago

Great, I hope your issue is resolved.