Separate multipage PDF file into single documents

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diskoboy posted this 19 June 2018


Sorry for this - perhaps newbie - question, but I'm trying to figure out how to seperate a multi-page PDF file into multiple documents in FC12 - meaning each page should be it's own document.


I've found this article (, however in my PDF file there is barcode or anything else that I've could use as a seperator.

The document is placed in a "hotfolder" right now and when everything works, it should be send to FC12 using the SOAP API. No scanner is used in this project.

Can someone point me in the right direction ? Thanks


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Ekaterina posted this 26 June 2018


You may use different ways to split the file:

- Blank pages or split by barcodes by using image-preprocessing settings. In addition, you may choose the “for each image file” option.

- Assembly script rule

- By XML description file

- The flexible form by FLS project. 

To get more specific advice please send us the sample images and description of your scenario.

diskoboy posted this 26 June 2018


Thanks for your reply. Blank pages or split by barcodes is unfortunally not an option. "For each file" will not work either :(


The PDF file contains from 1 or many pages. Each page is an invoice and I know that each page is 1 document (invoice).

I'm not familliar with the "XML description file" so perhaps I've should have a look at this and the flexible form.


Are there any "out of the box" examples ?

Ekaterina posted this 29 June 2018


By default, if you are using “Automatically when document definition is applied” option the multipage pdf file should be splitted to the single invoices. If it doesn't, send the file and your project to the regional support.

diskoboy posted this 29 June 2018


I've got it working. In FlexiLayout I've created a Static Text element in the Footer with a lot of "keywords". In Document Def. under -> Properties -> Assembly I've used "Use key fiels eqality assembling rule" and added the Key Field created in FlexiLayout.

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diskoboy posted this 29 June 2018

At least it's working in my demo for next week. In a real life production, I've might see if I can find a better way :-)

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