Showing Samples unmatched in the Training Batches.

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Jeevan Prasad Kota posted this 19 June 2019



After training the vendor Samples in a Test batch.  Whenever I click on the train button it went to Training Batch but it shows the Samples Matched '0'. I have trained the same vendor with 3 samples and captured the data correctly. Even that time also it shows Samples matched '0'. Can Somebody help me to figure out this issue?.

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sara posted this 31 July 2019

I too faced the same issue. Any workaround?

Ekaterina posted this 29 November 2019


It is difficult to say without project. Different reasons could be why it was not trained or trained but not as you you expect:

  • Does the training results in proper fields matching for all fields or not? Might be just particular columns/fields were not trained?
  • Could be that you did not allow training or lock it? 
  • How the field was created? directly in DocDef or it is original field from Invoice template or fields from FL, etc?
  • Might be such field/its title/its surrounding not printed clearly enough for the program? - please send original sample images for checking.
  • If it was trained just for 1 image (per variant), then although training on 1 image might be enough, it could require more samples for training.
  • Are you sure during training you did not make mistakes in markup? System use all fields markup on all given for training images, so mistaken markup could confuse the system.
  • Might be field was also trained on some other images which are too differ from this one? - what might give conflicts. In such cases separate variants should be created for each sub-class of similar layouts.
  • Could it be that you have several similar vendors names/variants and training mix up different vendors together? 
  • I also recommend to look at Train task log during each Training, sometimes it contain helpful details.
  • Another way for analysis/correction is to export Field Extraction Training Batch into FlexiLayout Studio for detailed review.

sara posted this 02 December 2019

Hi Ekaterina,

Thanks for your answer after so long waiting. For my case following are the discoveries.

-> Field was created in Doc Defn with "can have region" enabled and trained for 5 images correctly.

->Training is allowed and not locked.

->Labels/keywords are detected properly, even field value was marked up correctly.

->Change variant option is disabled. Can you tell for use of that option and how to  enable it.

->It is distinct vendor , so no chances of mixing with other vendors,

->Will check by exporting to Flexilayout.

Ekaterina posted this 03 December 2019


Sorry for a long silence. Unfortunately i do not have a possibility to answer in time now

Please see this article to see how to to change variants:

This issue needs deeper investigation than forum format allows. It will be better if you address the issue to the regional support