Showing Samples unmatched in the Training Batches.

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Jeevan Prasad Kota posted this 19 June 2019



After training the vendor Samples in a Test batch.  Whenever I click on the train button it went to Training Batch but it shows the Samples Matched '0'. I have trained the same vendor with 3 samples and captured the data correctly. Even that time also it shows Samples matched '0'. Can Somebody help me to figure out this issue?.

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sara posted this 31 July 2019

I too faced the same issue. Any workaround?

Ekaterina posted this 6 days ago


It is difficult to say without project. Different reasons could be why it was not trained or trained but not as you you expect:

  • Does the training results in proper fields matching for all fields or not? Might be just particular columns/fields were not trained?
  • Could be that you did not allow training or lock it? 
  • How the field was created? directly in DocDef or it is original field from Invoice template or fields from FL, etc?
  • Might be such field/its title/its surrounding not printed clearly enough for the program? - please send original sample images for checking.
  • If it was trained just for 1 image (per variant), then although training on 1 image might be enough, it could require more samples for training.
  • Are you sure during training you did not make mistakes in markup? System use all fields markup on all given for training images, so mistaken markup could confuse the system.
  • Might be field was also trained on some other images which are too differ from this one? - what might give conflicts. In such cases separate variants should be created for each sub-class of similar layouts.
  • Could it be that you have several similar vendors names/variants and training mix up different vendors together? 
  • I also recommend to look at Train task log during each Training, sometimes it contain helpful details.
  • Another way for analysis/correction is to export Field Extraction Training Batch into FlexiLayout Studio for detailed review.

sara posted this 3 days ago

Hi Ekaterina,

Thanks for your answer after so long waiting. For my case following are the discoveries.

-> Field was created in Doc Defn with "can have region" enabled and trained for 5 images correctly.

->Training is allowed and not locked.

->Labels/keywords are detected properly, even field value was marked up correctly.

->Change variant option is disabled. Can you tell for use of that option and how to  enable it.

->It is distinct vendor , so no chances of mixing with other vendors,

->Will check by exporting to Flexilayout.

Ekaterina posted this 2 days ago


Sorry for a long silence. Unfortunately i do not have a possibility to answer in time now

Please see this article to see how to to change variants:

This issue needs deeper investigation than forum format allows. It will be better if you address the issue to the regional support