Simply "Rule error"

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Stephen posted this 10 October 2018


I just simply encounter an error message----"Rule error" in my script.

What is the possibility of showing this error?

Without knowing that,I have no way to fix it.

Can anyone advice?


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Ekaterina posted this 10 October 2018


As we can see from your screenshot, there is a Rule "CheckEachLineBalance" and the error comes from this Rule.
You can open the corresponding Document Definition in the Document Definition Editor and add some debugging information in the output, for example by:
- specifying the IRuleContext::ErrorMessage text
- showing some text with the help of FCTools.ShowMessage() method

Please see the Help articles

If you specify the different messages for different situations in script logic, you will better understand why the Rule error happens,

Stephen posted this 11 October 2018



In fact i used Context.ErrorMessage but it doesnt show up the error epected.

And I tried to use FCTools.ShowMessage, but it was inside a for-loop and it pops up a lot.


Thanks for suggestion at least I have way to fix my issue.