Structured Forms

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semicolon87 posted this 06 July 2018

Good day,


I have an application form that I need to extract on, the form never changes so there is no real need to be fancy and use flexilayout studio*

Anyone have a tutorial on how to load a structured template for detection and extraction?


Hope this makes sense.


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Ekaterina posted this 17 July 2018


Do you mean that you want to use the fixed forms? See the “Creating a Document Definition” article, the “The main stages of creating a Document Definition for fixed forms” part

semicolon87 posted this 17 July 2018

Good day,
I have actually in the mean time discovered the Administrator Station where you can create document definitions.

Seems to be working, just one question, how do you set the DD up to work with different page DPI's?
I have to manually set it to 250dpi to work most of the time, but the moment the input file size changes, it completely fails to locate anything, you can see the search area on the pages are way wrong. 


Ekaterina posted this 19 July 2018


DPI is taken by image properties automatically. Does your fixed form has anchors? Could you please clarify your scenario in more details?

semicolon87 posted this 19 July 2018


I have an application form to extract, i have built it in the Document Definition editor.

There are no real Anchors for these Documents, I use the Auto detect Wizard in this case and it it detecting page 2 flawlessly.
Page 1 of the Document Definition never aligns with the Region Boxes set up. It seems like an anchor issue, I can send you the documents in private?


semicolon87 posted this 23 July 2018

So after more testing it seems like the Software cannot determine an anchor for some of the pages.


I have skipped the page and created a new document definition for a single page, used the administrator station to train the fields in a batch and that seems to also be working nicely when I try to recognize test batches.

I will now go and ask my SDK question in the SDK forum,  because when I try to extract the values from code, all of the fields are empty. Do you need to include other files over and above the generated .fcdot file when extracting?

Ekaterina posted this 27 July 2018


If your Document Definition requires some external files to function (for example as sources of allowed values for validation), then you may need to keep these files together with the used .fcdot when working with Engines. 

In this case it would be better to ask the SDK forum specialists about this.

If you have other questions that are related to the FlexiCapture, please go on, you may send us your fixed form sample that requires improvement so that we may look at it and suggest some possible fixes.