Table extraction

  • Last Post 15 November 2019
Hajar Herrou posted this 20 July 2019

Hello Teams,

Im trying to train an invoice in FlexiLayout which is a multipage one and contains a multi-page table starting from the second page till the page 7 . My question is how to get the Table starting from page 2 to Page 7 ?

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Ekaterina posted this 15 November 2019


Note that the FlexiCapture training has its limitations:

  • You can’t train repeating fields and groups, except for invoice line items

  • You can’t train groups with variable number of fields – again, except for invoice line items

  • You can't train table blocks

  • If the location of a field on the invoice varies a lot, training may not be effective.

 If the training is not effective, then use vendor-specific layout. You can develop it from scratch or base it on the trained layout.