Table Headers not detected

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dgotsi posted this 02 June 2019


I'm trying to extract a simple table (one row) in a 1-page document in Flexilayout. Despite following all the rules in the book, the table headers are not recognized, except for the kW/static one (first column). All the following ones which I have placed under a common group 'Other Columns' are not detected, even though I have added in the additional Relations, that the headers should be withing -20 points below and above the kW/static first column. I attach the project, appreciate any help, tip or correction that can be given.

How can I share the project with you to check?

Thank you


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dgotsi posted this 03 June 2019

dgotsi posted this 03 June 2019

Hi all, I found the problem to my own issue, I had placed the 'Table Header' element to be embedded underneath the 'Invoice Data' in the SearchElements branch tree, instead of being directly added to the SearchElements root.