Table iteration using script in document definition

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VivekRaj posted this 4 weeks ago

Can anyone help me how to iterate through table using script in document definition? I want to use replace method to change values of one column of extracted table.

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liyamenons posted this 4 weeks ago


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Vladimir.Dimitrijevic posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Vivek,

I hope that you have already found the solution. Anyway, when creating rule, don’t forget to uncheck read-only in Rule Settings tab, for column that you want to change. Sample code to iterate whole table can be similar to this:

// Jscript
for (i = 0; i < this.Field("YourColumnName").Items.Count; i++) {
    this.Field("YourColumnName").Items.Item(i).Value = this.Field("YourColumnName").Items.Item(i).Value.replace(/[^0-9]/g, ''); 

Best regards,

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  • VivekRaj
VivekRaj posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks Vladimir for your quick response. It worked fine.

Can we delete row from table based on field value using iteration script?

Vladimir.Dimitrijevic posted this 2 weeks ago


You're welcome. To delete a row, please refer to this topic:

Best regards,