Table rows are splitting into next page

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Sunil Edupuganti posted this 14 September 2018


I have an invoice in which there will be several line items and the format of that invoice is constant. I need to recognize all the line items in the Invoice. So, I prepared a layout for that Invoice and I am able to get all the line items.

But there is one issue I am facing, I;e For suppose there are 10 columns in an invoice, in that some of the column data is splitting into the next page. So due to that data is appending to the above row or sometimes to the below row.


So, I am looking for a condition that if the data in all the columns are present then only that row should get recognized. Otherwise, it should not get recognized.


or else


Can we append that split data to the correct row?

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Abbyy_user0707 posted this 17 September 2018

Try using repeating group option, Sunil. Refer this link Repeating Group Article

Rahul posted this 21 September 2018


Did you try using option "Use Master columns to detect rows" of Table block properties in Flexilayout?