Tables are not read correctly

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tobias1990 posted this 5 days ago

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to import a table. Since there is no fixed column order and the names of the columns can change, I created two tables. The first one is responsible for reading the rows, whereas the other one is used to read the column names.

My problem now is this:

As can be seen from the pictures, recognition does not work as intended. Not all columns are taken into account when reading the rows or names.

I have already adjusted every setting and have not been able to improve it. However, there are also cases where both column names and rows are correctly recognized. Has anyone already had the same problem, and does anyone know where it could be?

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Ekaterina posted this 4 days ago


Please look at the available methods in the "Rows detection parameters" section in the "FlexiLayout language > Specifying element properties > Table" article in the FLS Help.

But we'd recommend to use repeating group in your case, due to better flexibility of repeating groups. Then in Document Definition Editor the repeating group can be switched to have table layout on Verification and so it will look as a table for verifiers.