The Field Value is Ambiguous: integer or real. (Error)

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ElliotG posted this 02 December 2019

I have a number field that is unable to have more than 2 decimals.  This is the following customization I have for the field:

Data Type: Number
Language: English
Content Settings: General
Any Value, Allow more than 2 digits in fractional part

There are no rules, or custom actions on the field.  I have tried adding a normalization to be able to allow it to have up to 4 decimal places but this also doesn't work.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

An example would be a number like 1.089 or 2.7654


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MikeD posted this 04 December 2019

This is could be the result of three places after the decimal and the types of separators you are allowing with normalization.  "1.089" COULD be "One Point Zero Eight Nine" or it COULD be "One Thousand and Eighty Nine".  In other words the software can't distinguish one possibility from the other and so it warns you about it.  If you can't overcome it by changing your normalization settings; specifically the "Digit Grouping Symbol" and the "Decimal Symbol", then the only other option is to try and address it with script/code which can get tricky. 

ElliotG posted this 04 December 2019

Thanks!  I will play around with this, I had a feeling it was due to the normalization.  Will let you know what I come up with.

Jeremy Burgess posted this 4 days ago

Two routes to try:

  • In an autocorrect script you can use a RegeEx to see if your number follows the pattern \d+\.\d{3} and, if so, append with another zero. 1.234 becomes 1.2340 which is then unambiguous.
  • On the field properties, 'Data' tab, edit the settings for the 'Number' data type that you are almost certainly using. Look out for the setting "Resolve separator ambiguity according to field regional settings" (and make sure that your regional settings are also set).