There are no export options configured for the document

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decibel83 posted this 15 March 2017


In the Administration and Monitoring console of my FlexiCapture 11 distributed installation I have several errors like this:

Document XXX: There are no export options configured for the document

This happens on every "Unknown" documents (documents which are not recognized with any document definitions and that are forwarded to the Exception queue.

It's useless to try to export them, as they are not recognized.

How I can avoid the Unknown documents to be exported and avoid such errors?


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Ekaterina posted this 16 March 2017


You may enable the “Restrict set of Document Definitions being used” checkmark in the advanced workflow in the Export stage. Then you should check all required document definitions and uncheck the “<Unknown>” checkmark.

tvidenov posted this 08 December 2017

Can I ask how to achieve the opposite action - how to export the not recognized documents as well? 

Sunil Edupuganti posted this 10 December 2017

Go to project properties, there you can find the "Export" Tab. You can give the path there to export the Unrecognized documents.

tvidenov posted this 11 December 2017

But then you can export them only to a file structure. What if I want to export them to Sharepoint as well like my other docs? I want to get the document uploaded even without the information from the recognition. 

Ekaterina posted this 12 December 2017


Sorry this feature is not available.