To get the row value in single line even though it is in 2 lines

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Sunil Edupuganti posted this 29 November 2017


I have a PO which contains several number of line items(Structure is same). So i made one layout and i am able to get the data from all the rows and i am exporting it in Excel. The problem here is, In some columns data is in 2 lines like, for suppose if we take MRP it is 1895.00. On PO it is printed as 1895 in one line and .00 in another line. So in Excel I am getting space for 1895 and .00. 

So, how could i get recognize this in a single line?? Because i want to remove that space in Excel??

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Collins Sarmento posted this 29 November 2017

Hi Sunil, 

You could use an auto correct script to remove spaces thus making your field "1895.00" rather than "1895 .00". Let me know if this does not work or you need help with the script.



-Collins Sarmento

Sunil Edupuganti posted this 29 November 2017

Hi Collins,

Thanks for your reply, actually that is not the case for me..Kindly, check the attachment, So that you can understand my scenario.

I have tried what you said, but it's still having a space..

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Sunil Edupuganti posted this 01 December 2017

Hey I found the solution..for this case

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sara posted this 14 February 2020

Hi Sunil,

What is the solution for this?

HamdiM posted this 14 February 2020


I think the solution for this is to create a Group in the elements which will contains the 2 elements (StaticText) 

1 part on the first ligne and 2 part on the seconde ligne "1895.00."

Then in the block you should indicate whole the group " .00. "


Best Regards,