turn red flag(error) into yellow flag(warning) in flexiCapture

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cristian ascencio posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi everyOne.!

 This time   i wonder if its possible to create some button or use some custom action over a  document definition wich would allow me to change  an " error flag" (red) into a warning flag(warning).  the idea is  that when the user clicks the button the software would ask for a password. (it should be entered by the supervisor or something )if the password is ok then the rule would change  from red to yellow


is it too crazy?

 Best regards!

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ilya evdokimov posted this 2 weeks ago

Ha.  I don't think so, as the flag is set in the UI of the rule setup.  But I am curious if it is possible, also.

However, the same functionality can be created with a combination of two rules.  For example, create a rule #1 with a 'read-only' field1 empty by default.  Raise red flag while this field1 is empty.  Create a rule # 2 with a yellow flag (or no flag) and logic to set some value in field # 1 only if password (value field2) is accepted.  In other words, rule2 will set field1 only when appropriate entry is provided, which will eliminate the rule1 red flag.

Ilya Evdokimov WiseTREND

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cristian ascencio posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Mr. Evdokinov!

Thank u so much for  your advice...!!  (it is very smart....)  however this brings me another question jejej.. ¿is it posible to change the properties of that  value2 field so  i can hide the characters?  (it should be  used only by de ops manager or somethig like it)

Ekaterina posted this 3 days ago


You may use IsVisible property of the IField object. Please see the link http://help.abbyy.com/en-us/flexicapture/12/distributed_administrator/ifield