Unable to update FlexiLayout from FLexiCapture

  • Last Post 19 September 2018
pranai posted this 29 August 2018


I need to:

a) Delete few existing fields

b) Add columns to table

from document definition given by ABBYY as default whenever a new Invoice processing project is created. 

When I click on Tools>Update Flexilayouts, it is not able to open the afl document (screenshot attached).

Is there any other way to delete the existing fields?

Please suggest.



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Ekaterina posted this 19 September 2018


If we correctly understand, you want to update the flexilayout in the FCI project. Please note that the main Invoice layout that comes out of box for the Invoice-type project cannot be deleted from the Document Definition. 

If you need to apply any corrections to it, please use additional FlexiLayouts. 

You may find more information about them in the "Custom fields" Help article in the Developer Help