Understanding error message(simple question)

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Stephen posted this 13 September 2018

Hi all,

I am now working hard on debugging the NullReferenceException Error.

While I checking the Error message, I saw there are a "[2]" in the message.


Is it just simply alert me this is the second record of field("TotalPages") and field("PageNo")?

Or it is refer to the i-th index of the TotalPage[i] and PageNo[i], i.e. 3rd record of the field(array[0] refers to the first record, so array[2] should refer to the 3rd record)?


Thanks for clarification in advance!

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Ekaterina posted this 28 September 2018


We may say that some rule uses non-existing object. Please send us the project and sample images to reproduce the issue and get more accurate advices.

Stephen posted this 28 September 2018

Hi Ekaterine,

I put the script in the Project level but not the field level. then problem solve.