Unprocessed document/Unknown page

  • Last Post 03 July 2018
Aniruddha Mayadeo posted this 27 June 2018

I am trying to read and recognize some sample docs (pdf) in the administrator station, I see rows that says unprocessed  document and unknown page. What am I doing wrong?

Do I need to setup templates or define blocks/segments in FlexiCapture Studio

I'm new to Abbyy Felxicapture version 12 and evaluating the software.



Ekaterina posted this 03 July 2018


If documents are named < unprocessed> after recognition please make sure that Document Definition is valid and these documents can reach to the Recognition stage in the workflow. If documents are named < unknown> it means that Document Definition cannot be matched.

Introducing ABBYY FlexiCapture > Brief description of document processing using ABBYY FlexiCapture > Overview of program settings for document processing > Creating a Document Definition in the Administrator Help