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stevewgunnersen posted this 3 weeks ago

 I am very new to ABBY and have spent the past couple of days trying to figure out how I can refer to the value of one field inside the rule for another.  I am using .Net C# to create my rule.  At this stage I want to simply check to see if a field called "StoreNum" has a value and if it does put it into a field called "CustomerID" within a rule inside CustomerID.  Once I have figured out how to do this I will be expanding the script to do a far more complex task, but am stuck at this basic operation.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Sample code is below:

using System.Windows;

//System.Data.DataSet ds = new System.Data.DataSet();
bool isStoreID = false;
string StoreID = Context.Field("Document Definition 1/StoreNum").Text;


                Context.CheckSucceeded = true;
                    Context.Field("CustomerID").Text = StoreID;

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Melisa Uy posted this 2 weeks ago

 Hi Steve,

Is "CustomerID" manually created field?

Are you getting the read-only error?


When I want to manually create new fields:

1) Create Field > Text

2) Under Recognition tab, Filling type = DO NOT RECOGNIZE

3) Under Verification tab, Uncheck Requires verification


Rule settings:

1) After you add the field, make sure read-only is un-check


Attaching screenshotssss. Hope it helps u :)

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stevewgunnersen posted this 2 weeks ago


Thanks so much for your response.   I did create the field manually but have made the parameter settings you have suggested.

My issue is not actually updating the field, it is that in the script I can only see that field and none of the other fields in the section.   It almost seems from what I have seen that I somehow have to tell the script that certain other fields are available to the script, just not sure how to do that.





Melisa Uy posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Steve,


OH u need to add the fields on the rule properties page.

see my attached files -> since I only added to fields, only these two can be accessed on the scripting page.


Yeah, I also spent time figuring this out! haha :)

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stevewgunnersen posted this 1 weeks ago

Thanks guys figured it out.


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