using REST with flexicapture

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cristian ascencio posted this 06 December 2017

Hello again:

I Have this actual scenario:


1)  have a database  with a table that contains  this fields:

   id_number,firstname,lastname,gender, date_of_Birth (12.000 rows aprox)

2)  my  document definition allows me to capture the  id_number  from the document itself (OCR) and a  script rule checks if that captured  number is present in the database, if it is true. the rule fills the  firstname,lastname,gender, date_of_Birth  fields in a table element (please take a look to the attached files so you can see what i am talking about)

I am interested to know if it could be possible  to use some REST web service With flexicapture in order to  consume  it  so i can  get that info from my database instead of using a  script that connects directly to the datasource

pd: Im using  javascript for my  custom rule.

Thank u again for your help!

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Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 06 December 2017

Hi Cristian,

It can be even faster if you check the values against the dataset from your script rule, because there is no external call to the database. You will only have to set that datasets are updated regularly.


Best regards,


cristian ascencio posted this 07 December 2017

oh.. well im not sure if i  get it suggest me not to use a web service 

and just keep using what i am using?


Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 11 December 2017

Hi Cristian,

I am not sure how you compare data against the database, since you are saying you are using script to connect directly to data source. Some developers are using external dll's to connect directly to database, and in this case could be better solution to use Dataset (Project setup station -> Document Definition Properties -> Datasets tab).

For only 12.000 rows it has no sense to develop external component to check against database. You can connect Dataset to database and check your data against the dataset, it is simpler solution and also faster.

I had tasks where I needed web service, but for task you have- it is really not necessary. 


Best regards,


cristian ascencio posted this 11 December 2017

Hi Vladimir.!  you are so right,  the real database will have more than 94 millions of records. so thats why we are interested in develop some REST service to get the info:

Please, take a look to the attached file so you can see how it is working so far


Please let me know if for that ammount it could be an option to use datasets.


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cristian ascencio posted this 11 December 2017

Just one think.. our customer has that big database (its not ours) so they need us to connect to it using that web service i am talking about.


  thank u for your support

Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 11 December 2017

Hi Cristian,

For that amount you cannot use datasets for sure. Will get back you on this, hope tomorrow.

Best regards,

mfeldman posted this 11 December 2017

Hi Vladimir,

Using FC 11 Standalone.
Question about dataset refresh rate.
I've set it to 4 hours.
Typically, FC Standalone is not active when there is nothing to do, like overnight

Will the dataset be refreshed in the morning when FC is first started for the day?



Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 12 December 2017

Hi Cristian,

We stopped using web service on our project 7 months ago. We decided to use direct access to database instead of using web service because it was a bit slower. It is up to you, you could do some tests just to be sure if direct access is significantly faster than web service.

Best regards

cristian ascencio posted this 12 December 2017

yeah. we would really like to make those tests just to be sure that in our context  should be better to use direct access as you do. so. i´d be more than thankful  if you could provide us some example about how to  deploy a web service  with fc


thank u again!