I want to get error or notified when an invoice with a vendor that is not in Vendor dataset.

However, when I recognize an invoice having a vendor not in dataset, the program matches up a vendor in dataset. 

I tried changing the Rule setting in Vendor must be found in database in Vendor property and datasets in Document Definition properties. (Please see attached) But the result does not change. 

It seems like the project picks up some digit in the invoice and then matches a zipcode of a vendor in dataset.  So I removed the zipcode from Field links in Rule settings of Vendor must be found in database properties, but the program still do the same. 

My build number is a bit old ( and I heard it does not happen in the newer version. 

But I need to make it possible in the old version. 

Are there any solutions to solve this issue?

The desired result is: 

If invoices whose vendors are not in Vendor dataset are recognized, the Vendor fields should be blank and get error.

It is that simple but I cannot get it. 

Any ideas help. 


Thank you,