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sampat_g123 posted this 11 January 2019

Hello ! .  The installation where I have is distributed FC11 .

Many times over a year I get this error message  " When uploading your project to the Application Server, you must specify a relative or a UNC path to the destination folder. " .

Verification station mark these jpg files as <unknown> .  So I have to match them with a proper layout and exported manually .

Does anyone what means this error message and how to solve it ? 


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Ekaterina posted this 17 January 2019


A path is a slash-separated list of directory names followed by either a directory name or a file name. An absolute, or full, path begins with a drive letter followed by a colon, such as D:. A relative path refers to a location that is relative to a current directory.

UNC stands for Universal (or Uniform or Unified) Naming Convention and is a syntax for accessing folders and files on a network of computers. For example: \\<computer name>\<shared directory>\ In UNC, the computer name is also known as the host name.

Please set the relative or UNC path as Export path in the Export Settings > Document Definition Editor.

sampat_g123 posted this 18 January 2019

Hello Ekaterina,

Thank you for your answer , I know about UNC path , we had set it from the beginning of FC installation .

here a print screen of one document definition .  Do you see any error ?

Should have \  at the end of UNC path ?

Thank you very much Ekaterina

Ekaterina posted this 25 January 2019


We recommend do not write the path manually and use the "browse" button. Also please check the access permissions for export folders