Verification Station is very slow

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Sunil Edupuganti posted this 4 weeks ago


Let me first explain my configuration for Verification Station.

I have installed Flexicapture 11 in one of the Server which is located in Chennai. I am using Verification Station which i installed in one of the Physical system which is located in Vishakapatnam.

Actually I have installed Verification Station on Citrix Server, through Citrix i am accessing the Verification Station. 


For each click in the verification Station it takes so much time for response. When i check on the server directly Verification station is super fast responsive. But here i am using verification station some other place. The speed of the response is really pathetic. For each click response i am waiting 10 to 15min.

Is there any way to improve the speed of the verification station??

Ekaterina posted this 4 weeks ago


Sorry, the issue is too large to investigate on the forum. To resolve it please contact your regional support.