Verification Station is very slow

  • Last Post 22 December 2017
Sunil Edupuganti posted this 21 December 2017


Let me first explain my configuration for Verification Station.

I have installed Flexicapture 11 in one of the Server which is located in Chennai. I am using Verification Station which i installed in one of the Physical system which is located in Vishakapatnam.

Actually I have installed Verification Station on Citrix Server, through Citrix i am accessing the Verification Station. 


For each click in the verification Station it takes so much time for response. When i check on the server directly Verification station is super fast responsive. But here i am using verification station some other place. The speed of the response is really pathetic. For each click response i am waiting 10 to 15min.

Is there any way to improve the speed of the verification station??

Ekaterina posted this 22 December 2017


Sorry, the issue is too large to investigate on the forum. To resolve it please contact your regional support.