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AndreaB posted this 19 October 2017

Good morning

Do you know if repeating group can be visualized as table blocks (field names as column headers and values as rows) inside flexicapture? In particular i need this in the verification step where displaying data in a natural table will help to compare data (within rows) and discover possible error of extraction.

I need to use repeating groups because the layout of my documents is too complex to be managed by tables.

P.S. I'm using flaxilayout to build the layouts. The version is Flaxicapture for invoices 12.

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Andy posted this 19 October 2017


I'm looking for the same thing. 

Ekaterina posted this 20 October 2017


As shown on the attached images, the repeating group may be shown "table-like" on Verification if you re-design the DataForm either by selecting the repeating group instance container and applying option "Show as table" or by aligning all needed repeating group element into one "row" manually.


Andy posted this 24 October 2017

Thank Ekaterina,
I followed your instructions and i set "Show as table"  to the repeating group instance in the  Document Definition Editor data form.

That means :  I published the updated Document Definition, updated the project, reprocessed the document inside the Project Setup Station and I got the repeating group showed as table, as expected.

If do the same as batch (by import profile) and I open it inside a Verification Station, I get the repeating group as standard view, not as table.
How can I get the Verification Station uses the updated Document Definition with table view ?  The only way (sure not the best) I found to get this is delete the project and upload a new one.

Note:  I'm using Flaxicapture distributed for invoices 12.


Andy posted this 24 October 2017

Hello Ekaterina,

I found the solution on my own. I was using the local project instead of the remote one.

Thank for all.

Александр Сидоров posted this 25 April 2019


Could you please through a clue, where to find this context menu item?
Because I cannot currently find such option in data form in document definition editor.


Thanks in advance!

Александр Сидоров posted this 13 June 2019

I have found where Show as table option is located, just didn't have a chance to update thread.

Here is another question, I just wondered does it work for web verification station, since our users are going to access it instead of desktop one.

Could someone out there clarify on that point?

Ekaterina posted this 23 September 2019


Yes, the "Show as table" function is supported on the Verification station.