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rapid posted this 15 February 2018

Hello, few of the documents I process using flexicapture has Watermarks, that is causing issues. can anyone help me to fix the issue? watermark is covering the text on the documents. attached two screenshots, one is an actual document, another one is from Flexicapture after pre-processing.



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Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 17 February 2018


Maybe you could try with Kofax VRS component, if you received its license with your scanner. It could help you remove watermarks.

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Антон Фио posted this 13 March 2018

Hello, you can try to change Image pre-processing options:

Deskewing options. By default, these options are selected and the program deskews newly added images relying on black squares and/or on vertical and horizontal separators and text. It is not recommended to turn off the deskewing options unless deskewing is done incorrectly (e.g. if the program interprets a stamp or a graph as a separator and attempts to deskew the image based on this faulty data).