Web API - Cannot add comment to newly created task using CreateTask command

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Sergei Yendiyarov posted this 29 August 2017

Hello everyone!

I am trying to add some comments for newly created tasks using Createtask command as follows:


   //get ids for batch and add comment for every task

   Document[] docs = this._service.GetDocuments(batchId);

   int[] docId = docs.Select(x => x.Id).ToArray();

  int taksId = this._service.CreateTask(this._sessionId, (int)ServiceEnums.ProcessingStages.Import, (int)ServiceEnums.TaskPriority.Normal, "test comment", this.GetUserId(), docId, true);

Everything seems to be alright except my task comment "test comment" does not get written to the database (it is always empty). 

How can i solve the issue?


Thank you in advance!


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Sergei Yendiyarov posted this 29 August 2017

By the way a fragment of the Task table looks as follows (Comment field is always empty):

Ekaterina posted this 31 August 2017


When the task is created this way, it is an import task for the image. After this task is completed, the next tasks are automatically created for other stages, and comments from the previous tasks are discarded.

To store information about the processed package that will not be discarded during the workflow, we recommend to use the registration parameters.

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