web verification, classifying some documents as "Abandoned"

  • Last Post 15 November 2018
zykuak posted this 08 November 2018

Good day,

In Flexicapture 11, at the web verification stage, if the batch has 10 documents, can a user manually send some of the documents to a new stage named "Abandoned", and leave the rest of the documents to be processed as normal?

The new "Abandoned" stage is only used when a user manually assigns some of the documents, and documents under the "Abandoned" stage do not get processed. Can the "Abandoned" stage be setup in the workflow?

Entry conditions can be set in a new workflow stage, but I can't find any which will only allow documents set manually by the user.




Zhen Yang


Ekaterina posted this 15 November 2018


You cannot send the document to a new stage directly. Only via tasks queues. To find the workaround for your scenario please contact your regional support