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ABBYY_User2103 posted this 23 November 2018

When images are loaded in Flexi studio few fields are not got recognized, it was recognized as white gap. There is any way to make those fields as recognized text instead of white gap.

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Ekaterina posted this 26 November 2018


Do you use color or black-and-white images? What FC program do you use (FC11 or FC12)?

Is it possible for you to use an overlay function https://knowledgebase.abbyy.com/article/1791?

ABBYY_User2103 posted this 30 November 2018

Images are black and white.I'm using FC11 standalone. There is any other solution for this?

Ekaterina posted this 07 December 2018


Please check the quality of your images. If it is too low the program cannot read them

ABBYY_User2103 posted this 14 March 2019

The image quality was good and the resolution was 400 dpi. In this case what can I do?

Ekaterina posted this 15 April 2019


Please send us these images and describe what regions are captured as the gaps.

ABBYY_User2103 posted this 07 May 2019

Thanks for your replies.

I've attached the screenshot with red color marked area where first number "2" from "2.758" and "2" from 2.315 where not recognized, even after I selected the advanced pre recognition properties with trough mode and all text type.

I've enclosed the error image and sample document with this post.

Ekaterina posted this 19 August 2019


We have tried to reproduce your issue on our side but the image was recognized successfully. We recommend to upgrade your system to the last build version.

ABBYY_User2103 posted this 26 August 2019

In the upgraded build it works fine.