Will FC11 support Windows Server 2016?

  • Last Post 23 April 2018
Abbyy_user0707 posted this 29 August 2017

Can install FC 11 distributed in Windows Server 2016? Will it work?

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mfeldman posted this 30 August 2017

I can not speak for ABBYY's official position.
I can say I am running FC 11 Distributed on a Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) VM running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.

For my development work, I am running all of the stations on a single VM, somewhat against "best practices", but without any problems.


Ekaterina posted this 31 August 2017


Windows Server 2016 is not in the list of officially supported OS for the FC11, so we cannot guarantee that they will work together without issues.

Irina posted this 04 September 2017

Please note that FlexiCapture 12 officially supports Windows Server 2016.

semicolon87 posted this 06 April 2018

Good day, 

I am trying something similar, also with Datacenter2016 on azure.

I can't seem to get FCE (ABBYY SDK 12) activated as it is not picking up the dongle that is inserted on my local machine that connect through to the VM using remote desktop. "No CodeMeter dongles found" when trying to activate.

Do you perhaps have a link or pointers to get me pointed in the direction in solving this issue?


Ekaterina posted this 23 April 2018


Could you please clarify what version of the CodeMeter do you use?

Note CodeMeter v6.50 is not supported by FlexiCapture 12.