Workflow in FlexiCapture for Invoices

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Giancarlo Sartini posted this 2 weeks ago


I have a project with "Simple" scheme workflow setted on the project properties: in this mode every batch with valid documents wait for the operator to close the activity and export data. Is there the possibility to automatize this phase without the action of the operator? or I have to change the type of workflow scheme to "Unattended"? In my idea the operator should act only on documents "not valid" meanwhile the "valid" docs pass throuh the export phase without any kind of action.

Thanks to all.

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Ekaterina posted this 2 weeks ago


Please look at the screenshot. Maybe this option is what you are looking for…

Giancarlo Sartini posted this 6 days ago


yes Ekaterina, I've found it so I have solved my problem, 

Many thanks.